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About me

I am a computer engineer focusing in security. I became interested in computers when I broke my family's first computer, a Packard Bell 386. I was poking around with the Trumpet Winsock scripts that dialed up to the internet and had to call the local ISP's tech line to have someone help me fix them over the phone. It was fun. Since the early 00's I've worked in IT, and made the pivot to information security a few years ago. Security fascinates me and change has rekindled my interest in tinkering and solving problems after having spent years being jaded with my profession. I decided to document what I'm doing as I go, so here I am.

I can be reached via email: cp at chadpierce dot net

About this blog

The intent of chadpierce.net is to collect my thoughts on technology and security, things I've learned, and whatever else I decide to write on. I'll try and document projects and research I spend time with. I will also (try to) maintain curated lists of reading material, blogs, podcasts, and CTF sites, and perhaps writeups of my own.

The site itself is built from static html and css files. The html files are generated with a Python script and blog posts are written in markdown. I gave Ghost and Jekyll both a try, but didn't like them, and wanted to make it more difficult for myself. Maybe I'll get sick of it and move to an existing platform, but I do plan to write about the project on this site. It is a work in progress.

Updated: 16 September 2019